Wednesday, August 05, 2009

My goodness where has the summer gone???

It's August already!!! Can you believe it??

Of course our big news is our oldest son leaving for Parris Island. I grew up on and around military bases. I married an Army officer. I have great respect and admiration for those serving our country in the armed forces, but this business of having my child in the military, is a whole new ball of wax!!! I am so proud of that boy and at the same time I just want to go down there and protect him. But you can't protect him from growing up. But, Oh!!! To have just one more day with the little boy he was. I miss the little boy who needed his mommy. You know?

We are one by on knocking off the items on our "to do list" for the house. It's a long list and a lot of work. But I married a guy who can fix, build, or adapt anything. His latest??? We tore down an old shed in the back yard and he used some of the wood to build me this chicken coop. Isn't it marvelous???

Our sad news of the summer is that we said goodbye to Joe's Grandad. Great Dad was 99 years old and was ready to go home to God. It was relatively sudden, but not unexpected. And though we miss him, it was not a sad parting. Great Dad is back with "his Helen" in heaven and that's just where he wanted to be.

We got our bedroom wallpapered, the goldfish pond put in, went to the Garlic Festival, bought Ben a hoop-dee and have begun to harvest our garden. We're settling back in to life in the country, catching up with old friends and generally enjoying life.

Joe is back work in the Oil Sands of Northern Alberta. He hates the constant travel, but loves the job. He was made to do this kind of work!

Me? I am trying to find a routine. Not easy in this busy household, but I am hopeful that things will fall into place soon. I am looking for a yoga class and, gee, I'd like to take painting lessons again.

How's the summer treating you??


Michelle said...

Sounds like a busy summer! Good luck to your son. I'm sure it was hard to send him off to boot camp!

shirley said...

Hi Terri,
Love the chicken coop, Joe did a great job. Nice that he is handy and willing. Maybe he will buid you a flower potting shed. If not maybe he will build me one! haha