Sunday, August 09, 2009

A mixed bag

It was a nice week to start with. Joe built this wonderful chicken coop for me out of an old shed we had torn down. It is absolutely perfect for our little flock.

We picked up a little hoop-dee for Ben. He thinks he is so cool behind the wheel! LOL It's a standard transmission and he is doing so well at learning how to drive it. He is picking it up more quickly then his mother did, that's for sure!!! lol

Gillian began taking riding lessons again. She absolutely adores being up on a horse and is picking up right where she left off when we moved away. It's even the same horse!

Joe was in Canada all week long. Friday morning the children and I met him in Buffalo and we all went up to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. Joe took us all on the Maid of the Mist (what a fabulous experience) and then to the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch.
It was a wonderful day...until the phone rang. We were in Canada, so I didn't answer the first time. I checked the number and did not recognize it or the area code. When it rang the second time I just knew what it was...Parris Island. It seems our Joey had an ear infection and reported for sick call. While there, for reasons that still aren't clear to us, he was given an ECG. They found an arrhythmia. Joey has been pulled from his training unit. He will be seen by a cardiologist on Monday. After that a determination will be made as to whether he may continue his training to be a Marine, or will be dismissed.

I am not worried about the ECG. He was asymptomatic. He was doing everything they asked him to do without problems. The only "problem" seems to be that a tech noticed that Joey has

pectus excavatum. It has never been an issue before. I doubt it is now. Most arrhythmias are harmless. I am sure this one is too. If it isn't, we'll deal with it.

My concerns lie with my son. He has spent the weekend unable to contact his family (not allowed by the Marine Corps, though a drill sergeant did let Joey call us on Saturday morning to report what had happened (We knew already and no "chat" was allowed...only Joey telling us what happened. (It seem a miserly concession, but it was true mercy and we are grateful for it.) The boy is 18 years old. Being a Marine is his dream. He is so proud to be a recruit. Now that dream may be ending through no fault of his. There's nothing he can do but wait for the doctor's decision. My heart is aching for him tonight and I am asking for your prayers for his strength, his health and his peace of mind.

Life sure is a funny old thing. So many joys, but always a little pain. Joe always says "whatever doesn't kill you will make you stronger". I guess that's true, but when it's your child hurting, no matter how grown up he is, you still want to scoop him up in your arms and make everything all better again. Babies grow up and become adult men and women...Mommies are forever.

I love you Joey. You are my hero.


Salesdiva said...

Our prayers are with you and Joey. I'm sure all will work out fine. Bumms me out that they won't let him talk to you guys much.

Paula said...

Oh Terri! My heart is breaking for Joey and I'm praying that everything will work out for him to be able to hold onto his dream. Though we have to remember that when our dreams have to change, it's generally for the better and the big guy has another plan for us than we have for ourselves.
So glad that you guys are back settled into your home. Loving that you have chickens now and Gillian is back up on a horse. Ben IS cool in his new ride!
Riff is working out of town this summer, so we definetly feel you and Joe's pain there.
Have a great day, my friend!

Nancy said...

Oh, your poor son. I hope they find it is ok for him to stay in. He must be heartbroken.

Michelle said...

I'm so far behind on blogging...I said a prayer when I originally read this post, just didn't have a chance to comment. I hope he's been cleared to stay and doesn't have to give up his dream of being a marine!