Saturday, June 27, 2009

My oldest son graduated from High school today

You grow up longing for a family....and then, miracle of miracles you find a wonderful man, who is just crazy enough to want to make his life with you and (in my case) less then a year later you have a perfect baby boy.

My Joey Po was such a cool baby. He has always had these eyebrows, you see. So expressive! LOL Anyway, he has always been his father's son. They look alike (Joey still has his hair though). They think alike. They are big flirts. My Joey is a clone of the man I love more then anything in this world.

Today, my eldest son graduated from High school. He is joining the Marine Corps. He is going to an incredible college. He is handsome, strong, kind and wonderful. And now he's a grown man going out on his own. The first chick out of the nest.

I wonder, what I could have done better? God knows, I can't take the credit for this! I go over every one of my flaws and pray to God that I have not screwed this wonderful boy up. Our family dynamic is changed forever. He doesn' t need my permission to do anything. Did I tell him about Jesus enough? Did I teach him enough about being a good man, so that he can know what to do when problems come up?

Seriously? I doubt it. I am such a goofball. It's amazing to me that he has survived thus far. But the one thing I did do, with Joey and with all the kids is to tell them everyday in every way how much they are loved and valued and how proud I am to be their mom.

My Joey... congratulations on your graduation. I love you. I am so very proud of you. You are the best son a mother could ever dream of . Now go out there and take on the world. You can do ANYTHING.


Michelle said...

congrats to Joey!

Kether said...

This made me cry! You must be so proud.

You are a FANTASTIC mother!

Paula said...

Oh Terri! Congratulations to all of you. How's Mama doing??

High School graduations always make me think of Dr. Suess' Oh The Places You'll Go -
You have dreams in your head, you have feet in your shoes. You'll go to anyplace you choose (or something to that effect)

Nancy said...

what a wonderful entry. Congratulations to your son and how wonderful that he has chosen to be a Marine. He will continue to make you proud.

Mary said...


Congratulations to your son on his graduation. I'm sure you did a great job of teaching him all he needs to know. I wish him all the best in future endeavors.


Postcards-Pumpkins said...

Congrats on the graduation. My only child turns 13 this year. I homeschool him because he has a few behavior issues that prohibit a typical school educution. We'll still have a little ceremony when the time comes.

Vee at

Anonymous said...

So refreshing to hear someone else have the same thoughts and worries I have as a mom. Knowing my own personal life confusion and chaos over the years has sometimes gotten in the way of the best parenting I could have given has been a nagging fret for years. Have a prepared them at all for life? Do they know they are valuable and loved? Are the fears and insecurities they have because of me? Ugh! Thank goodness God is bigger than me!

Brown English Muffin said...

reading this scares me.....did we grow up this fast?????