Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Feeling a little better today..

I admit that I have been feeling a little down lately. I want to move NOW. YESTERDAY even!!!

And what with the van being in the shop for at least a week, I can't really move anything else and it's hard to drive down to the Victorian and stay for only a couple of hours and then rush home to make supper.

This morning, though, I did something that has made me grin all day long: I ordered my chickens from Ideal Poultry.
This time I decided to get Black Cochins. ( http://www.dtbcentre.co.uk/cochin.htm )They are beautiful and friendly. I've a dozen hens coming and one rooster. The chicks will come in the mail and if all goes as planned the post office will call me so that I know to come pick them up. Usually you can hear them peeping in the back ground LOL What a cheerful sound!
I will have to keep them in a tub in the house for several weeks...but soon they will be big enough to be out in their coop. If I have the yard fenced in by then, they'll get to free range. By Thanksgiving or so we should be getting eggs from them.
Next on my list? To go see about getting a couple of goats...Jane? You didn't think I was kidding about that did you? LOL


Nancy said...

Oh how neat. They will be so cute. Heidi will envy you, she wants chickens. She has no place to put them, but she wants them anyway. Hope you get settled very soon.

shirley said...

what a nice looking bird...again, how lucky...and yes, I'm jealous