Friday, June 12, 2009

Two quick things to share...

First: Matthew made this wonderful folding stool all by himself. I mean, it is really well done! I couldn't have made it so well! Way to go Matt! You may have found your true calling!

Second: Gillian was the feather duster in the 5th grade production of Beauty and the Beast. She is carrying on a long family tradition in theater!

Congratulations baby girl! You were spectacular!

Thank you for allowing me to brag on my babies. They are just so cool!


Kim said...

Congrats to the kids !!!!! Awesome job!!!

Nancy said...

That table is just great. I wish I had that talent. Way to go.
Congrats to your talented daughter. I am sure they made you proud to be their Mom.

shirley said...

OH the house is looking soooo good. I wish it were mine. how lucky for you to be it's care taker. the table Matt made is very nice and your daughter is a true shinning are on elucky lady..