Sunday, June 07, 2009

Though we have been going down to the Victorian most weekends lately. This weekend we had a special reason. The Annual Keuka Lake Triathalon. Gillian, Jimmy and I volunteered to help out for the race.

Arriving at 7 a.m. after hugging a greeting many old friends, we were given tee shirts, breakfast and instructions as to where to go and what we would be doing all morning. We were given a spot on the running leg of the race abut 1.5 miles in.

Boring and slow at first, by 9:30 or so we were getting many of the runners coming through. Our job was to warn on coming traffic that the race was taking place and to hand cups of water to thirsty participants. In addition, I was asked to remind athletes who were running a shorter race that the turn around for the "sprint" was the traffic cone just past where I was standing. As it turns out, many of these people were quite religious. I heard many of them thanking God as they received news they were near the half way point in the race! LOL

It was a perfect morning and we had a wonderful time helping out. AND on top of that our friends at the Yates County Red Cross( ) received $20 for each of us who volunteered!
Jimmy and I have even decided to start running. Who knows? Maybe next year we'll be contestants instead of volunteers.

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Nancy said...

That sounds like a fun and very nice thing to do. Hope the day wasn't too hot.