Sunday, August 24, 2008

A neat gift from my neighbor Anne

Last year, when we first moved into the neighborhood, a woman from a couple of doors down mentioned she had a pond form that she didn't want anymore. I was so busy with settling in and getting the kids in school and everything that goes along with moving that I rather forgot about the whole thing. After all, I had a bigger one already in the back yard and I wanted to get that one all set up and going.
Well, early one morning last week I was outside watering my garden (you should see our neighborhood early in the mornings....lots of SAHMs in robes clutching coffee cups or garden hoses and standing around chatting! It's kind of funny, really, and so old-fashioned and nice) When Anne mentioned the pond form again. This time I sent one of the boys over to get it!
I was thinking of putting in the back yard and somehow connecting it to the bigger pond when Joe suggested I put it in the front yard instead. So yesterday, I dug a big hole close to the front steps and set the pond form down in it and filled it up.
I had a little water frog in the back pond so a brought him out front, but really unless you keep the water moving a big thing of standing water is only a housing project for mosquitoes! So my darling husband took me over to Lowe's and bought me a little water pump so I could hook up the frog and keep the water circulating.
I have to move some plants around (I have a huge Iris clump that I can put some of here and some around back), but isn't it sweet? I also need to go on a rock hunt for flat rocks to hide the edge, but considering I only spent $14 on the whole project (the pump) I think it turned out well!


Kelli said...

What a sweet little pond! I love the frog fountain too!

Diane said...

You are the absolute most creative person I know!

Kim said...

Love it!! Great job. We have a big pond in the back yard but we also have a big pond form that Bear has been using for a pool lol. We just haven't found that perfect spot yet.

Heidi said...

Giggling at the picture of everyone outside in their robes watering the gardens. LOL! It seems like it needs to be pictured in black and white too.

What a great little pond and I love the addition of the frog. I live in the water and know all about mosquitoes. You can see how my house is in the water on my blog (CelebrateTheSeasons) right now by the way. Does the frog have a name like Prince? :)

Hugs ~