Sunday, August 24, 2008

I am officially old and unhip!!

I saw these uber cute shoes at Chad and got them to go with a great dress (that I also happened to find at Chadwick's) Don't they remind you of a 1930's style? LOVE IT
Anyway, this morning I put on my dress and then slipped on the shoes. They feel great, only thing is after 20 years of flats and tennies I can't walk in heels anymore! Honest to Pete I look like I'm 'flicted or something when I walk in these beautiful, hip and stylish shoes. What will my Diva mentor think?????
So, like a twelve year old yearning to grow up, I took them off, put on my flats (I'm sorry I cannot walk into Mass walking like that. They'll either think I have taken to drinking in the morning or hold a "healing" for me!) and tonight I'll have to practice walking in heels again. Pitiful! Ain't it?

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Salesdiva said...

It's working! It's working! All my hard work is paying off. Those shoes are the HOTNESS! What size do you wear?

Practice. Practice. Practice or they gonna be mine! HA!