Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A Middle Eastern Style Dinner

Yesterday evening we felt a little "middle Eastern". I am not sure what that means, but the food was good!

I had found a falafal mix at the grocery store several weeks ago. For those who don't know what falafal is, think hushpuppies without out the onion and instead of corn meal, it's ground chick peas. They are a really tasty change of pace! Especially when dipped in hummus. Actually it's pretty healthy too....well, except for the deep frying part, but use EVOO and don't worry about it!

Next, was shishkabobs. I had one good sized steak and a small pack of boneless chicken breasts. Alone, neither was enough to feed our family of 7, but together they made for some good kabobs!
I cut the steak and chicken into bite sized chunks in the morning and put them in my biggest mixing bowl. I then took roughly a cup of soy sauce, 1/4 cup of brown sugar put that in the bowl with enough water to cover. This marinade is a family favorite. You can add more or less soy and/or more or less brown sugar as you please. Later in the day I added some chopped onion and squash along with cherry tomatoes and whole button mushrooms. (I know! I forgot to get green peppers! How dumb was that?) When Joe got home we started the grill and put the kabobs on sticks. Joe is in charge of grilling, while I went in and made some rice. I am pretty sure he used black pepper and garlic salt, but, again, you can use whatever your family likes.

As you can see the platter was overflowing with bounty. I had thought I would be snacking on leftovers today, but NO! They practically licked the sticks clean!

It was a fun evening meal. I don't know why, but kids seem to love anything grilled and anything on a stick! LOL Me too!

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Susie Q said...

That looks so delicious Teri! You are an amazing cook you know.
I have made shish kabobs but it has been ages!
We LOVE hummus here...yum.

Sue, who is off to catch up with you some more!