Thursday, August 07, 2008

mumbles on a dreary Thursday......

Look at the treasure I found yesterday! I have needed a sewing table of more reasonable purportions and one has been provided for me!! I'm not sure if the machine works or not. I didn't have a chance to try it yesterday, but I have my machine, so either way is fine. I LOVE free stuff! Don't you? LOL

I have painted about everything I can paint right now. I finished the kids' tub and did the trim and garage doors on the outside of the house. I am now about out of projects to do! Horror of horrors! I have a couple planned for winter (I want to re-do the kitchen cabinets for one thing)

But nothing right now. I think Joe is somewhat relieved!

Yesterday Joe took me to a lovely Indian restraunt and I admired this wall quilt. I wish I lived near an Indian community. I bet you could pick up some lovely sari's at the local Goodwill and make something like this quite inexpensively (Do you watch those DIY shows on BBC America? They are ALWAYS making gorgeous things out of old, silk saris. Maybe I need to move to London).

It's cooler and rainy outside today so my plans for a trip to the park may have to to be postponed. I guess I'll catch up on my letter writing...I always think it's so nice to recieve something besides bills and circulars in the mail. Don't you?


Meggie said...

Out of projects!...oh Terri, come on over to my place. There's always plenty to do at my house. I envy did the tub turn out? Are you please with it? I read you post right after you painted it. Now that the hardware is on, are you pleased with the results?

Paula said...

Love that sewing machine! Hope it works for you.
What paint did you use on your tub? I need to do that as well.
My next project is painting the kids rooms and then we will actually have a guest/sewing room. Yeah!

Mrs. Staggs said...

Not once have I seen an old silk sari at the Goodwill, but I did buy some silk remnants at the fabric store the other day in hopes of making doll dresses from them. I've never sewn with silk, so I need to ask for some tips from my stepmom. She used to sew lovely things. She recently bought a big fancy cabinet for her machine, and she gave me her old one knowing that we have the same machine. It's a wonderful height for sewing at. I can't wait hear if your machine works. I bet it does.

If you will share your address with me, I'll send you a little note in the mail now and then.