Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A first time for my Matty

I hadn't realized it before, but Matthew had never tried a fresh Krispy Kreme Doughnut. EVERYONE knows there is nothing in the world like a still warm Krispy Kreme glazed doughnut. NOTHING! But evidently I had selfishly kept this knowledge from my youngest son....until yesterday. We had to drive over to the mall (Have you ever been to Steve and Barrys? Every piece of clothing is $8.99 and it's pretty decent quality too!) because Matt needed a few things before school starts again next month. But we got there too early.

I had noticed a Krispy Kreme across the street and headed over there. At first, I think Matt was a little disappointed that I just got plain old glazed doughnuts. After all, they had several different flavors of doughnuts and we would normally purchase a selection. BUT, as I tried to tell him, these are not your ordinary doughuts! When we opened the box the doughnuts were still warm. I told Matthew to prepare to amaze his uninitiated tasted buds....He took a big ol' bite....

HEAVEN! Yes, my Matty is now a believer. Another generation has tasted the truth!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming by. I hope you get what you want. I have waited forever. My hubby hates to paint and I thought id never get my son to do it.
Krispey Kremes are the best!

Susie Q said...

Now that last picture says it all!
: )