Sunday, May 04, 2008

treasures found

Joe and I ran over to the Buffalo Mission Thrift Store the other day and found a few treasures. Can you guess what the double handled thing is? It's a pirogi maker!!! What kind of Polish housewife would I be without one of those in my arsenal? LOL

The 1950s Look and Life are fascinating and the book is a "biography" of a 12 old girl in 1913 and uses photo and old advertisements to describe what life was like in her Midwestern town.

Then there was a set of 3 shelves (for Gilli to display some of her "collections" on). A pretty tooth brush holder. Some ribbon and a small mirror. I also found a wonderful woven throw to keep in the car for picnic and(though not pictured) a pente game. The "board" is cloth and rolled into a tube and the pieces are there in a small string bag. We have the box game, but this is nice for travel. We have a long train trip in June, you know!

I still want to get to the Amvets downtown. That has to be the best thrift store around here! I just love going through looking for bargains!

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Nancy said...

I did not know Amvets had a sale place. I give to them every month.
I am picky about who I support and they are one worth it.
I like your side American Consumer note. Heidi showed me a shirt she bought here and the shirt says made in the USA. I told her WE have a hard time finding that. It is very sad but so true.