Monday, May 05, 2008

society finches

Usually I treat myself to a piece of Blue Willow China each month. I pour over the ebay offerings in the week before pay day and decide which pieces to try for. But this month, I bought a pair of Society Finches instead.
I already have several Zebra Finches. Their cheerful chirping always makes me smile. But my new little male Society finch sings a new song...sort of a vibrato scales sung low to high. It's a lovely sound.
Fairly hardy, very fertile and sort of messy, these little birds bring beauty and joy into my life. It's hard to be sad while listening to them "talk" or watching them bathing in their water dish, or stealing millet stems from each other.
Like the feeder goldfish(grown 4 times their original size over the winter) who are alive and swimming in my little backyard pond, the birds cost very little and require only minimal care for maximum enjoyment. Little living small and funny and wonderful. I just got hooked on having them around!
Maybe I'll check out getting some spice finches next time...I mean, how many dishes do you really need hanging on the wall?

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Librarian Lee said...

oh!!! I used to raise zebra finches back in my "other" life. How sweet. ~Lee