Sunday, May 04, 2008

My Matty told me this was the best birthday ever!

Our youngest son turned 12 yesterday. To celebrate he invited 3 of his closest buddies to come home from school with him on Friday and spend the night.
I had to laugh, because each child came with a supply of candy. I'm not talking about a candy bar or two: I'm talking bags of cavity inducing treats! Why they weren't all put into sugar comas I'll never know!
Yesterday the Daddy took them all to Lasertron for a couple of hours of laser tag. Sugared up, Pizza-stuffed and worn out from playing and laughing, Matt said to me "Mama, this day was my dream come true!" LOL
You're welcome Matthew. You're a dream come true there yourself! Happy Birthday baby boy!

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Salesdiva said...

Happy birthday, Mattey