Wednesday, November 14, 2007

home sick from school

With 2 children home sick from school with nasty colds, what could be more comforting than Yatzee, Ginger ale and Scooby doo cartoons?
Why 2 days of them of course!!!
I think, though, that this will be the final day off sick. They are kind of lively today, so by tomorrow should be heading back.
I will miss them! It's kind of nice to have them around during the day. They are growing up awfully quick, so these few "days off" together are precious.
Guess I had better go make some chicken soup for their lunch.


Tracy said...

I hope they are well again, soon. BTW, I'm reading the same book, Sew Pretty Homestyle, and I LOVE IT!

Paula said...

Ginger Ale is a staple at our house whenever there's sickies around. Nothing like a gool ole sick day!

Anonymous said...

You're so much sweeter as a mother than I was. If my kids were sick enough to stay home, I made them stay in bed. . .no TV just rest. They could read. My husband calls me the funsucker and I'll just bet the kids wish they'd thought of it first. Fortunately, they're grown and still love me. Although I'll bet neither of them make their kids stay in bed when they're home sick from school.

Diane H