Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Yesterday's romantic travel coming to the future near you!

I happened to see a show about dirigibles yesterday which got me to day dreaming about what it would have been like to travel on one. Airplanes weren't yet able to fly travelers in numbers that made passenger airlines profitable, so most people who needed to cross the ocean used ocean liners. Now, I think travelling by ocean liner would (I mean the real luxurious deal, not these little tourist-y cruise liners of today) would have been absolutely divine! But the chance to cross by air boat, floating above the ocean, through the clouds and rainbows while enjoying first class luxury accomidations...well...that's the stuff dreams are made of; isn't it?
Did you know the the top of the Empire State Building (where the antennas and satellite dishes are now) was originally meant to be a mooring mast for for dirigibles?

Well, of course after the Hindenburg's spectacular demise, dirigible travel was all but abandoned...until now....or rather until tomorrow. I found this site:

Featuring an article all about a new kind of dirigible luxury travel. Oh! before I die I have to cross the ocean on a ship like this:
Can you imagine the bliss or air travel like this??

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