Thursday, November 15, 2007

Is this a mid-life crisis? Or what?

I am 47 years old. 47! How weird is that? I don't feel 47. I don't think of myself as 47. I used to be the youngest in my circle and, of course, I still am, but those other guys are really OLD now. I can't hang out with OLD guys! That's just too weird! I'm the wild child who finally settled down. I wear short skirts and go clubbing and do plays. I go shopping and buy way too many shoes. At least that's how I think of myself. Even in my dreams I still look about 25.

Last night I saw some pictures taken at Joe's reunion. They are good, accurate pictures. Joe looks as handsome as he does in real life. Some how, though, I look like a middle-aged housewife!!! What is up with that???

At any rate, that is what I woke up thinking about this morning. Providentially, the morning news show that I watch (Fox and Friends) featured a segment on a book written by Dr. Oz of Oprah fame and his partner Dr. Roizen. I think I might have to get it. I am not really afraid of getting old, I just don't like the idea of feeling old. You know what I mean?
Take the test here:
And see if maybe you need to get your own copy.


Tracy said...

Yep. I failed with a 69. All because I don't exercize or floss often enough. Phooey!

Anonymous said...

I saw the Oprah program and another on Discovery Health. I've got a couple of his other books. I've got to go now and take that quiz!

Tracy, is that a daylily? They're my favorite!

Diane H

Anonymous said...

I just had to take that quiz. I scored 80-89. That made me feel pretty good until it said that I should strive for an A+.

Diane H.

Mary Ellen said...

I'm 47 too. Except for some current sadness I'm going through, it's generally a good time in life. One weird thing, though... I have friends and co-workers spanning oh, say, 25 to 65 years old. the under 35 people think I'm old enough to be their mom and the over 55-65 crowd consider them to be exactly their age. It's a funnu old world.