Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Circut City is a bunch of big cheats!!!!


I am so angry this morning!!! I bought a service contract from Circut City when I bought my laptop 2 years ago. When I started having problems with the on/off button I sent it in and they refused to honor the contract!!! They said I had spilt something on it (I hadn't) but how do you prove that something didn't happen? They just shipped the computer back unfixed. I had to call them to find out what the deal was.

Now I am trying to get them to send me the free replacement battery I was promised and they are giving me the run around!! Why is this organization allowed to cheat people at will? If I could get enough stories about how they have cheated their customers, maybe we could work together to get refunds!!! What about it? Anyone else out there get ripped off by Circut City's not-so-wonderful service contracts?????


cd&m said...

Same problems with service contracts here in the UK, 2 keys actually fell off our lap top and we were told it was due to misuse and had to pay £70 plus shipping for repair!

Tracy said...

Actually, my desktop is almost 4 years old. I forgot that I even bought the contract! LAct month, I'd turn my computer on, and it would turn right back off again. I went through my files and "accidentally" saw that we had purchased the protection plan. I called, they "guessed what was wrong, ordered the part, and sent a man to fix it within two weeks. I never had to leave my house! It was $250 well spent!

Mary said...

We don't have Circuit City here and from your experience that makes me happy. I'm not sure if they have it in Toronto or not. I am very cautious where I buy computers. There are a lot of places that don't stand behind their products.

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