Saturday, November 03, 2007

How addicted to blogging are you?

I took this quiz and this was my score:
How Addicted to Blogging Are You?
You are 74% addicted to blogging!

Click here to find out how badly you've got the bug!


smilnsigh said...

Oh I am not even going to *scare* myself, by taking that quiz! I know I'm terribly addicted to all phases of blogging. To the doing it. And to reading {too many} other blogs. Or trying to! And to commenting in all of them! -sigh-

And of course, no one can do all that. Which I set myself up to do. And then I get feeling awful when I can't read and comment in all blogs. And etc., etc. A vicious circle if there ever was one. Yish!

But to a happier note! Thank you so much for the comment you make in Susie Q's blog {Rabbit Run Cottage}.... saying her mom probably has "ICU_itis" and will be fine, in a while. That made me feel so much better. And I'm sure it will help Susie and her family too.


Kim said...

Hi Terri,

We'll I'm not as bad as you but close! 65% here :)

Have a great day!

Mary said...

I was 52%, but of course I can't blog when I'm writing because I have deadlines and I get paid for writing those.

This was fun. Thanks for sharing. I think all bloggers are somewhat addicted.