Sunday, September 02, 2007

guest bathroom

Before we even sold our farm in Potter, my friend Karen gave me a couple of rolls of the cutest Victoria wallpaper. It was pale yellow with little tea cups hanging all over it. Well, I finally got the chance to use it in our guest bathroom. It is such a sweet print. I really love it!
I did wonder if tea cups would be appropriate for a powder room, but figured #1) drinking too much tea could cause one to NEED to use the powder room and #2) I just really liked it and wanted to use the paper.
What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I love it! The color is so relaxing. I'm thinking people will be so comfortable in there, you may have trouble getting them out!!

Diane H

Susie Q said...

What pretty and sweet paper! I LOVE it. Why not tea cups in a powder room? I think it is just perfect!

SO pretty!


WhineNRoses said...

The tea cup wallpaper looks great!!
I have tea cups in my powder room too!!!

Heidi said...

Oh Terri! I just love you! You can always be counted on to make me laugh. The paper is adorable and your reasoning behind using it is ever better. ( said...

Oh I remember that wallpaper! I'm a huge fan of Victoria and I had forgotten about this paper, but now I remember loving it! How cute it is in your powder room!