Sunday, September 02, 2007

The back yard

I think that the back yard is going to be one of our favorite places. We went and bought one of those fire pits and have used it a couple of times already. The red metal garden furniture was
being thrown out by some people who were moving. Nothing like a bargain, hu? LOL
Joe unboxed my angel statue and I think she looks wonderful. Like she's always been standing there watching over our family!
Matt went and bought 10 feeder goldfish for 11 cents a piece and put them in our little pond. So far they have all survived.The dogs love the freedom of not being chained! As soon as we get the doggy door situated, they will no longer have to wait to come in or go out.
The pool is in constant use. I won't be able to have a big garden anymore (too much shade in back and Joe won't let me use the front yard for vegetables), but I will get a raised bed or two in and with square foot gardening, I should get a few tomatos, peppers and beans next summer.


Anonymous said...

The red furniture is wonderful. You can buy cusions for it, too. You're right, what a bargain! Please show us some more pictures of your back yard. Since you have so much shade, maybe you can plant a toad lily. Do you know what they are? They look almost like an orchid, but are an outdoor shade perennial. I don't have any shade or I would have several of them. - - Our first fish were feeder fish, too. In all these years we've only had one fish die. As with your inside fish, you have to add a chlorine remover when adding water. Your pond, in this area, has to be 3 feet deep for them to live through the winter, but I can remember goldfish living through the winter in a stock tank and Kansas has very cold winters. That stock tank was above ground, too, so who knows. - - Do you also have a basement? The statue looks wonderful and makes it a very peaceful looking spot.

Diane H

Paula said...

I love your garden angel. The people that we bought our house from left a wonderful St. Francis birdbath.
I really like your teacup wallpaper in the post below. Makes your bathroom look so cozy and "farm-housey".

Heidi said...

The garden looks great. Why would anyone throw out that beautiful lawn furniture??? It looks in great shape too.

Susie Q said...

Love the backyard...just such a great place to be! Such a handsome young man..: ) and sweet doggie!

LOVE the red furniture...people throw out the oddest things don't they? They have no idea!