Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Do you want to know the absolute WORST part of moving?

It's how everybody LIES to you. "Oh, well we just need one more document and we are all set".

NEVER believe anyone who says that to you, because it's never true. EVER. They always want another document. Another statement. Another something. And do you know why?? Because they can!!!

They got ya by the the you know whats baby!

I am not big on change. I am not particularily spontaneous. And I just get crazy having my plans changed FOR me on an almost daily basis. IF I EVER say I am moving EVER again, please, somebody remind me what gigantic pain in the butt it is!!!!!

I feel much better now. Thanks. Guess I'll just smile through the pain:)


Paula said...

First of all, I'm so going to make that rhubarb cake you have listed. Sounds awesome!

Second, I hear you on the moving thing. We are still waiting for the crazy lady we are trying to buy from to decide if she really wants to sell her house that she has had listed for six months! ARGH!! (but I do have to admit that I am an escrow officer so I daily call people and tell them that I need just one more signature before we can close. Stop looking at me that way! I KNOW!!! )

Mrs. Staggs said...

I hope it all comes together for you soon. It's tough when life is sort of limbo. I'm sort of going through that in a way right now. Most of my days are revolving around the health issues of loved ones. I'm sort of living my moments, one at a time. I find that helps in a way.

Anonymous said...

You will survive!! I promise!!!
Hopefully after this move you won't move again for a very very long time. Or ever!

Gena said...

Yep,its the same the world over! a good friend is in the process of moving, and the solicitors, the estate agents etc.man they have lead her a merry dance! and cost a fortune! I hope it all comes together soon for you, and Yum! rhubarb cake? must try that one!
Hugs, Gena xxxx