Sunday, April 22, 2007

Today's issues

I WAS going to show pictures of my Joey's confirmation and my Matty's first little league game, but their brother Jim BORROWED the camera for a boy scout function and now it is missing.......Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Hopefully, it will turn up soon (and believe me, no one is hoping harder then the soon to be late Jimmy Pollhein!)
Until then, I want to talk about my latest adventure. Even though I have been exercising dutifully for nearly 2 months I have not lost any real weight. I had to do something.
I begged Joe to cough up the money for a tummy tuck, but he selfishly felt we needed to pay the mortgage for the next several months instead. SOOOOOO
I asked an attactive woman who frequents the Curves how she lost her weight. She used the South Beach diet to lose 30 lbs 2 years ago and has kept it off. When she puts a little weight on again (like she did during the holidays this year) she just goes back on the induction diet and takes it all off before weight becomes a (pardon the pun) big issue again.
After such a build up, I had to try it. It starts out rather like the Atkins, only with leaner cuts of meat and no dairy for the first 2 weeks, but later on you add more fruits and vegetable and the occasional helping of wild rice or sweet potatos, so it is not complete torture. When one gets to the 3 level (maintenance) it's actually half way normal! I can do normal!
So far, I'm down 5 lbs. Not a huge loss, but considering I have been stalled for weeks, it's a very hopeful sign! So here's to me! And all the lovely size 8 dresses I will be wearing this time next year. I can hardly wait!


Anonymous said...

Hi Terrie, this isn't really a comment on your new diet, although 5 pounds is great! This is really an answer to the comment you put on Cherry's site, just wanted to tell you that 5 children is definitely the new 8! How do you do so much, and a great blog too!! All my best to you,
Susan Branch

norththreads said...

HI Terrie!
Congrats on your weight loss! I have 3 children & it feels like 8!LOL! Thanks for popping by & visiting! That banana bread looks fabulous, Im going to try it!!

Salesdiva said...

After seeing the picture of the book, I realized I had it on the shelf. Gonna read it tonight and join you on the poundage beat down. UNIQUA is going down. Reunion here we come.

Anonymous said...

Heeres to you! *cheers-clink&clank* 5# is alot girl!!
So you have my couch?! I knew I liked you for some reason! Cuz you're a classy broad too!! hehehhe

Kerri said...

Sounds like you're doing great on your diet. Studies have shown that milk actually helps you lose weight, so I've often wondered why the SB diet leaves out dairy for the first 2 weeks. Since it's one of the main food groups that doesn't seem sensible to me. Oh well, I'm not the expert!
I hope you had fun in Baltimore.
How neat that you got a comment from Susan Branch. That was nice of her.
Thanks for visiting! Yes, I have perennials planted all around and between the daffodils. They do a pretty good job of covering up the foliage.
I'm looking forward to the warmer temps that are predicted for the weekend!