Monday, April 23, 2007

Well, do tell!

It was a hot and sunny day here in New York. It felt more like July then April, but I am not complaining! I am very, very tired of this long winter and unending spring and a taste of summer is just what I needed!
How many of you saw the Susan Branch interview on Cherri's blog? ( ) Well, I did and I thought it was well done. I have several of the Susan Branch books and really like her style. I left a little comment and guess what? Susan Branch came here and left a comment for ME! Ahhhh! made my whole Sunday! That was so very nice of her, don't you agree?

I managed to get most of the house work done today and I think by tomorrow we may have an answer to the question...where will you live next? Stay tuned.

Another pound down on my diet. Woo Hoo!

Going to Baltimore this weekend to Visit the Steptoes and just can't wait. Lisa is a diva (and not quite right in the head), but that's what makes her so great!!! We say we're the country mice and she and Ron are the city mice and that is just so true! LOL

I am almost finished with the little quited bed jacket I made...just have to re-do the sleeves (too long). The camera was found and will be returned tomorrow, so I will take pictures to show you

I found a very interesting book at the library called Altered Art for the first time by Madeline Arendt and I have GOT to try some of this stuff!!! Very, very cool!

Lastly, today I was listening to the sound track to The Bab's version of A Star Is Born. I realized that the only song I actually liked in the whole movie was Everything

I want to learn what life is for
I don't want much, I just want more
Ask what I want and I will sing
I want everything (everything)
I'd cure the cold and the traffic jam
If there were floods, I'd give a damn
I'd never sleep, I'd only sing
Let me do everything (everything)
I'd like to plan a city, play the cello
Play at Monte Carlo, play Othello
Move into the White House, paint it yellow
Speak Portuguese and Dutch
And if it's not too much
I'd like to have the perfect twin
One who'd go out as I come in
I've got to grab the big brass ring
So I'll have everything (everything)
I'm like a child who's set free
At the fun fair
Every ride invites me and it's unfair
Saying that I only
get my one share
Doesn't seem just
I could live as I must
If they'd give me the time to turn the tide
Give me the truth if once I lied
Give me the man
Who's gonna bring
More of everything
Then I'll have everything

Isn't that a great song?????

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Anonymous said...

Yay on another pound down!

Gosh, you finished all your housework? Can you come do mine then? Since you won't have anything to do and such... heh!