Monday, March 05, 2007

back on the band wagon

Well, I tried to lose weight without the exercise part, but it goes too slowly (I like food!) so today I went out and joined Curves. Don't know if it will help, but it won't hurt and maybe I'll meet some new friends around here. PLUS, if we move, the membership is transferable.

I chose Curves over some of the other local places, because it's not the kind of place packed with 20 year old models in skin tight exercise outfits. It's for women like me. Heavy and don't like it and are only at the gym to work out, not show off or worry that our 6 pack abs aren't defined enough.

I have a couple of new exercise outfits, so I don't look like a slob and I am working on having a positive attitude. I will keep you updated on my success!


Kelli said...

I used to go to curves a few years ago and have been thinking about joining again. I think you will like it, they make it very comfortable!

Salesdiva said...

Your my hero. I'm proud of you. Let's knock this fat girl on her ass. This is the year that BEEACH goes down!
Love Ya. I'm in the gym with ya - but you know I go to the uber-gym with the psycho girls.