Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Retraining your thoughts

Here is, copied word for word the lesson in my study Bible:

Renewing Your Mind

Here is a little test you can take to find out who's in charge--you or your mind.
1) Can you account for what goes on in your mind during the day? While no one can account for sixteen hours of every waking day; nevertheless it can be extremely enlightening to try to remember what you though about while waiting for a bus, talking on the phone to a long-winded friend, waiting in line for gas or folding the laundry. Did you choose to think each of those thoughts, or did you just "interrupt" a conversation that was already going on in your head?
2) Once you get in touch with some of your thoughts, do you like what you find? O r do you find that you are often critical of others? Does your mind conduct an ongoing analysis of the problems and faults of others? Is it filled with frantic thoughts about what might happen if your child is kidnapped, you lose your job, you aren't able to make ends meet, a man breaks into the house when you're alone? Is it filled with self-concern--with thoughts of me, me, me?
3) Are you building a fantasy life in order to escape present frustration or pain? Are the situations you reflect on real? Are the relationships real? Are the conversations real?
4) Is your mind overactive? Is it always buzzing with thoughts about this or that, flitting from one thing to another? Are you successful when you try to stop a train of pattern of thought? Does your mind do what you want, or does it fight for what it wants to think? Does your mind continually return to a train of thought from which you are trying to divert it?

If you recognize any, some or all of these typical states of mind, then it's time to take account of your thoughts and the fruit they bear. If you avoid making a decision to retrain your mind, your emotions will only continue to cause frustration and discouragement.

Therese Criner Roman 12:1-2

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