Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Mixed Bag

Today has been a mixed bag. I couldn't stand it anymore and I started cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower and anything to do with gardens (except perhaps picking off potato bugs YUK!!) is a good thing.

I cannot find Miss Potter playing anywhere near here. That is disappointing as I was going to treat myself to a matinee. And this being a "chick flick" as my darling husband would say, there's very little chance of me getting to see it at the theater any other way.

It's sunny outside. That's nice. I have supper cooking in the crock pot and cookies cooling on the counter. The laundry is caught up and the floors are mopped.

There's still ironing though...too long put off, I'm afraid. And my latest book is kind of boring (Kipps by H.G. Wells)....Need to clean the other room and I need to go over my script some more, since we're supposed to be off book tonight and ready for blocking and I am still not fluent (no one to blame but myself for that one). One of the cat's has fleas so that means flea meds for all the cats and both dogs and that's not how I wanted to spend my extra money this month!
(where the heck did he find fleas in weather that is 15 above???)

One thing I did learn: If you get on the tread mill and put a movie with subtitles in the DVD player, it makes time go faster, because you're concentrating on reading dialog instead!

But still, January is rapidly coming to a close and February should bring tax returns and our trip to NYC! That's something, hu?

I spoke on the phone with my friend Mary Beth for a long time this morning. Then hung out with my oldest son, Joey, for a couple of hours as he didn't need to go in to school until 10:30.

So, I guess all in all it's not a bad day. The pluses definitely outweight the minuses. So off I go to finish the unfinished chores and see how many more "pluses" I can add to the day.

How's your day going?

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Kelli said...

Sounds like you had a nice day! Miss Potter isn't playing anywhere near me either. :0(
We did our schoolwork this morning and into the early afternoon. I practiced the piano, did some house cleaning, ate dinner and are now relaxing.
Thanks for sharing your day with us!