Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Why can't real life be more like an English Novel??

I just finished Touch Not The Cat and have moved on to Postern of Fate and Enchanted April (LOVE,LOVE, LOVE that book! And they didn't totally mess up the movie either). The trouble with reading too many of these English books is that it makes me wish someone would leave me a house in the country, or a "nest egg" so that I could rent a small castle in Italy for a month or even have servants and go to tea parties....So romantic...sigh.
All of my relatives are poor, but healthy! Oh, I wouldn't really want to get my "riches" that way anyhow. It is just such a nice day dream to think that someone will knock on the door one day and suddenly you own a cottage and have an income. And wear tweeds and ride horses and go to tea. Come on, admit it! You've thought about living like that too! Haven't you?


karlanee said...

If that ever happens to me, you'll be the first one I'll have my maid call and invite for tea!

FarmgirlCyn said...

My fantasy is to travel to France. I just wish they weren't such snobs!!! Maybe someday.

gena said...

Oh Terri! if only English life were really like those novels!for the majority of us it couldnt be more far removed, but I agree, its a nice fantasy!
Thank you for your email about the sausage! I am definately going to make some at the weekend.
Gena x

Heidi said...

I have seen Enchanted April (the film) on TV a few times and it is the greatest film but have never read the book.

Make your life like those English novels and plan a tea party of your own. I do it and it is great fun. I only wish we lived near each other so I could invite you to one.

Favorite Apron said...

Terri - you have read my mind. One of these days, I'll be invited to spend a month at a distant relative's estate in Scotland. We'll hike the highlands, walk down to the beach, attend balls and host drinks parties. We'll walk dogs and fly fish and drink endless cups of tea, then nip on down to the village for books and fish and chips. No one will need a job.
I'm in the middle of my annual holiday re-read of Rosamund Pilcher's Winter Solstice. She's my favorite - I have not read all the books you mentioned but will jot down the titles.