Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A wonderful cookbook

One of the consequences of reading other people's blogs is that I am getting lists and lists of books that other's have recommended. Barefoot in Paris is one of those. Written by Ina Garten (The Barefoot Contessa from the food network) the recipes sound so delicious I swear I've gained weight just reading through them!
Not exactly approved by Weight Watchers, (you know the French: lots of butter and cream) I still think I could work one or two of these recipes around for the holidays. It is customary to feast at the Holidays, isn't it?


karlanee said...

I love all of Ina Garten's books, and while there are some recipes that would be real no-no's for Weight Watchers, boy are they tasty. However, even if you never get around to cooking them, the photos are just so delightful to look at.

FarmgirlCyn said...

I do love Ina! I try not to miss her cooking show, which is on daily! I own a couple of her cookbooks, and have tried several recipes from them. Her "Outrageous Brownies" are exactly that! YUM.
However...nearly ALL of her stuff is way fattening. I mean, you can obviously tell, she eats her own cooking!!! Moderation in all things, so a little bit of her goodies won't hurt us!!