Sunday, February 05, 2006

100 not so brutal (but honest!) things about me.

1. I am still crazy about my husband after nearly 16 years.
2. The fact that I have 5 children amazes me and makes me so proud!
3. I am a romantic at heart.
4. Becoming a Catholic was the best decisionI ever made.
5. I love animals. I wish I owned a zoo full!
6. Being a home maker is my dream come true.
7. Being a mom is a whole lot harder then I thought it would be.
8. If I don't get quiet time alone, I get very cranky.
9. Music and Art are important to me, but I honestly believe that some "sophisticates" make them much more complicated then they really are, just to feel superior to others.
10. Cooking is fun! Especially when Joe helps, too!
11. I consider myself southern and would move home to
Kentucky in a hearteat!
12. Fall is my favorite season.
13. I consider impatience my greatest fault.
14. My secret desire is to own a bookstore
15. It is my opinion that most of the stuff Hollywood puts out is crap
16. I prefer red wine to white.
17. I am a natural redhead and grateful for it.
18. Shopping in malls is not fun for me.
19. While I enjoy visiting the city, I prefer the country!!
20. I played the flute in my younger days.
21. Italian food is my favorite!
22. My heritage is German and English.
23. Love my Jeep, but wish I had an old truck.
24. Teddy Roosevelt and George Washington are my heros
25. I prefer football to baseball and don't care for basketball unless U.K. is in the final 4
26. Met Joe doing a play.
27. I consider myself and old fashioned girl.
28. Many people who knew me in my younger days, can't believe who I am now!!!!
29. I want to learn how to fly fish.
30. Art museums are one of my favorite places to visit. So are historical sites.
31. I love impressionist art...especially Van Gogh and Monet
33. Godiva chocolates are my weakness!
34. It is hard to find a really really good cup of coffee anymore.
35. I now own 3 Boston Terriers.
36. My garden is a great source of joy and contentment for me.
37. I am learning how to knit.
38. I love to wear hats, but it's hard to find hats that fit me.
39. I have enough hair on my head for 3 people! It's really thick.
40. I enjoy writing letters.
41. I am a licensed scuba diver.
42. I am a really good Scrabble player, but never win at monopoly
43. I love old mystery writers: Agatha Christie, Dorothy L. Sayers, Josephine Tey,etc.
44. My singing voice is pretty good.
45. Sometimes I read poetry for no real reason.
46. My favorite trip ever was when we went to San Francisco.
47. The new house has a hot tub and we're addicted to it!
48. I don't think people laugh enough anymore.
49. Someday I am going back to college and finish my degree.
50. I try and say my rosary every day.
51. I am really tired of people saying "Awesome" and "dude".
52. I like to put rasinettes in my popcorn at the movies.
53. My favorite softdrink is Diet Coke.
54. I listen to opera when no one else is home.
55. I am making a concious effort to cut back on magazine subscriptions.
56. I love to shop in junk stores and flea markets.
57. Ebay is addiction.
58. Do not get me started on the problem in our parish!
59. I am fighting to be an optomist..I am a pesimist by nature.
60. When I say "You shouldn't have!" I really mean it.
61. Organization is not my strong suit.
62. I like to mow the grass (and shovel snow too!)
63. I like to watch old movies
64. I am a sweater person.
65. Joe says I am a restless spirit.
66. I know pretty much every Hank Williams Sr. song
67. I like to go boating.
68. Early to bed early to rise, could be my mantra.
69. I once took modeling classes.
70. I have 2 left feet.
71. I wish we had a butler and a maid.
72. Bostons are my favorite breed of dog.
73. I love to drink champagne cocktails!
74. I saw the Original Star Wars movie at the theater 7 times!
75. Sunday is my favorite day of the week.
76. I'm a decent shot.
77. I would do pretty much anything for my friends.
78. I enjoy painting (oils)
79. I'm a bibliophile
80. And a voracious reader
81. I want to travel the world
82. I could live in Tuscany, I think
83. I like the scent of Lavender.
84. I would like to learn to throw great parties
85. I believe that just because you're loud doesn't mean you're right and actions speak
louder then words.
86. My favorite movie is Return to Me, followed by While You Were Sleeping
87. I still love Rogers and Hammerstien musicals.
88. As grateful and happy as I am with my life, I still get very stressed sometimes.
89. I would love to have a winnebago camper, so I could take my favorite stuff with me when
I travel
90. I am a closet karaoke nut.
91. There's this tendency I have, to start too many projects at once.
92. It is easier for me to forgive you hurting me, then it would be if you hurt my loved ones
93. There's no possible way that I will ever marry again ( how could I top what I've got?)
94. I always wished my name was Teresa.
95. Raspberries are my favorite fruit.
96. I can really shout, but I hate to be shouted at!
97. If I could have a little place on a big lake without so many people around, I'd be thrilled!
98. Birds fascinate me, but I don't care for flying much.
99. I love trains.
100. It is a lot harder to think of 100 things about yourself, then one would suppose!

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