Monday, January 23, 2006

Simple Pleasures

I was reading someone else's blog on what they considered life's simple pleasures. They suggested that one list these pleasures and try to incorporate them into one's life on a regular basis. I think that sounds like a pretty good idea! So, here's my list:

Working in my garden ( I love playing in the dirt!)

Recieving a real honest to goodness snail mail letter

A glass of wine and a piece of chocolate in front of a fire

A walk in the fall with all the beautiful leaves and the smell of wood smoke

Good Italian food....nothing beats it!

A lazy day alone with my husband.

Smells like fresh coffee, bacon frying, lilacs blooming or rain coming

Discovering a "new" favorite author or rediscovering an old favorite

Listening to music

Getting my "skinny jeans" on and buttoned!

Playing a game with my kids

Puppy kisses

Watching baby goats frolic. They epitomize energy and joy! LOL

Brunch after church on Sunday

Going to a football game

Catching an unexpected glimpse of a wild creature

Enjoying the hot tub

Beautiful skies at sunset

Fog lifting off the hills around the county

Driving my Jeep in the snow


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