Sunday, January 15, 2006

winter has returned

After nearly a week of sunshine and temps in or near the 50s, yesterday winter decided to come back for awhile. The wind blew all night long and there's an inch or so of snow on the ground outside. This big, old house, while drafty, is still warm enough to be comfortable.
The kids have had friends in all weekend. It is such a joy to be surrounded by young, happy voice playing, singing and laughing. It's one of those small pleasures that we don't appreciate enough until it's missing from our lives.
The rain that preceeded the snow has put a large amount of water in our basement. While not severe enough to cause damage (yet) it is (evidently) an ongoing problem. Joe is very upset with the previous owner for lying about it.
There's not much to do today. Joey wants to go to the lock in at church and Gillian is supposed to go play at a friend's, so I will make soup and snuggle down with a book. It's a good day for it!

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