Thursday, December 01, 2005


To anyone who reads this....stay away from

We ordered a table from them and they charged us 3 times, taking money from our bank account they were not entitled to and have so far (this is the 4th day!!!) Not returned our money and have been completely unhelpful in expiditing the return of the funds they stole from us!!!!

If an individual took money from us, we could have them arrested, but a big company can hold us hostage and nothing is done to them! It's a sin and a shame.

In other news: The unpacking and decorating goes on. Today they are bringing the new carpeting in our bedroom. I have to get up there and clear everything out before they get here.

Last night we watched Polar Express for the first time . It was o.k. Not one mention of the reason for the season though. I always find that disturbing.

Cloudy and cooler today. It's not supposed to snow til this weekend, though. It's time for some snow, so we're ready!!!!!

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