Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Home alone

At last! A day at home alone. I love my family very much, but it is a rare treat for me to get uninterupted time alone. I wonder why it is that a person like me, who growing up lonely always wanted a big family, finally gets her dream and then misses the solitude. Am I a mess, or what! LOL!

What I miss most, I guess, is time to think or read or just do nothing and not feel like I am doing something wrong. I have people that I am accountable to. It's nice to be wanted and loved, though...it's just that some days the Mama can be too much in demand.

On the brighter side, I have people who need me and who enjoy being around me. I am loved and accepted and made to feel special every day. I guess that's a pretty good trade off.

It's a cold day outside. There are snow flurries expected all day. The house is warm, though and the coffee is hot. The morning sun is streaming through the long windows in the living room. It feels so nice to be cuddled up here on the couch. A day like this is such a gift.

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