Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Tuesday 16 August 2005

There were more folks here yesterday to look at the farm. I took the day off to clean up the house, but my heart wasn't in it. Joe gave the realtor one month's notice to find a serious buyer or we're taking it off the market. YEAH!
The puppies are getting so big. Friday I'll have to put an ad in the paper for them. I hate to see them go. I would love to keep them both.
There's not too much excitement around here today. I have to work this morning. Then, after lunch and chores, I'll take the kids to the lake for awhile then home for supper and then Jim has football practice. Boring? Well I think it's wonderful! All summer days should be like this. I hope the children remember these days fondly when they're grown up. There's been a concentrated effort to allow them to invite more children over to play as well. I want happy memories for them.

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