Monday, August 15, 2005

Monday August 15,2005

Today there's more folks coming to look at the house. We put it up for sale at the urging of a realtor, who assured us that we would get an atronomical amount for it, but a week later urged us to lower the asking price!! We don't actually want or need to sell in the first place! So if we can't get the money we're asking why would we sell at all?

A front moved through yesterday and cooled things off considerably around here. With the humidity gone, it's much more pleasant to do things outside! This is a good thing, as the garden needs attention and we plan to fence a field for my sheep.

The Boston Puppies are 6+ weeks old now and so darling. I always hate to sell my puppies and wouldn't be upset if no one wanted them. I would happily keep them all! I don't know what Joe would say about it though! LOL

It's time to start my weight loss program too. With the weather so much more bearable I will be able to walk again. My goal is to be back to fighting weight by Christmas time. Never being heavy before, I had no idea how hard weight loss would be!! What a struggle! I'll do it though. I have to, I think or I'll get sick as I get older.

Time to make some crock pot lasagna! I want to have that going, so supper won't be any fuss tonight. I will enjoy being home again so that I can do more real cooking and baking. I love that housewifey kind of stuff!

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