Sunday, August 14, 2005

A new blog

A lazy Sunday morning and I've decided to begin a Web Log about my family. Not knowing who'll even want to read this, I figured at the very least I'll practice my writing.
We've owned our farm for 6 years now and this summer we put it up for sale. Almost immediately we regretted it. I think it's hard to return to town after having lived out in the country. We've signed a contract, so we're obligated for a few months yet, but I think we'll be staying put.
Up until now I have either homeschooled or worked, so have been unable to concentrate on the farm. In 2 weeks I will have finished with my job. In 4 weeks the kids will be starting school (public school this time) and I will try my hand at being a farmer!
It was always a dream for us to be somewhat least to the extent that we rasie our own food. And for the most part we've done this with varying degrees of success. My goal is to make the place a real success. Maybe even bring in a little extra income.
We have been so blessed in this life, I want to show my gratitude to God by doing my best for this family and this farm.

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