Tuesday, June 01, 2010

First day on the beach 2010

Gillian and a friend (they always find friends at the beach. Amazing) looking for sea shells and pretty rocks.

Picnic party. We were hungry too! Those sandwiches tasted great. And there was watermelon for desert.

Water football was enjoyed. Until little children got in the water. We didn't want someone's 2 year old to get plowed during a play! LOL No worries lots of other things to do at the beach.

And my Joey was even around! All my babies were home, but poor Daddy was working up in Canada, where they got SNOW!!!

What a nice holiday we had yesterday! After enjoying the local Memorial Day parade, we packed a picnic lunch and went to the beach for a picnic. Originally, we headed for Keuka Lake, but they didn't have life guards in yet and you're not allowed to swim without lifeguards. (Thank God the state of New York saves us from ourselves, hu? Evidently a "swim at your own risk" sign won't work anymore. sigh) So, we headed over to Canandaigua Lake where I knew they had life guards working already, because I saw them last week!
I bought a pass for all NY state parks (the Empire Pass). I predict we will spend a lot of time at the beach this summer. Life is good.
Oh, and incidentally, the reason there is no photos of Ben is because he was kidnapped by a boat load of girls who rowed in, snatched him and rowed down the lake to someone beach house. Seriously! Did he have a good day or what? LOL LOL
Happy Summer everybody!

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Paula said...

Looks like a fantastic day, Terri, only made better if your Joe would have been there.
No beach time for us yet. Still cold and rainy on the west coast.