Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Passing the time in winter

While we are getting no where near the weather that they are down towards NYC and Maryland, we are still getting grey skies and off and on snow. Not much to do this time of year. I don't ski and I don't like being cold, so I stay inside and try not to mope.

Today I decided to make bath salts. It's easy and I had the Epsom salt, glycerin and essential oil, so all I had to do was find some sea salt. (Got it at Big Lots!) I used the recipe at this site: and added lavender essential oil. ( It's best to leave it marinate so that the scent sinks in to all of the bath salts.) Now I need to print up some labels. I made this recipe a couple of years ago and gave some away as gifts. I received an awful lot of compliments for something so simple to do......

I have also been starting a few more seeds. I want to put in a small knot garden this year. I already started the lavender and miracle of miracles! they are thriving. So, I went ahead and started Rosemary and Sage. I would love a bird bath in the center and, perhaps, a rose bush inserted here and there. There is a pile of bricks out behind the garage....I thought perhaps I could use them to outline the different rings.

The project for the evening is to design my little
"farmyard". I want a small barn and a hoop house. It will need to be fenced and somewhere
between the garden and the hoop house I need to set up my composter. I need everything to be
utilitarian, but I want it to be pretty too.

And so, another winter day goes slowly by. It seems like ages until spring arrives but it won't really be that long. And until then I'll keep dreaming of my garden and warmer days.


Brown English Muffin said...

do bath salts scratch the tub if you sit on them in the bath before they dissolve?

Terri said...

I have never had that problem with them scratching the tub, but I do sort of mixing them around with my hand a bit, as sitting on the salt in uncomfortable on one's bottom! LOL