Tuesday, February 09, 2010

It's that day again.....

It's Denny's free Grand Slam breakfast Day.

Last year we went because Denny's was right down the block from the high school in
Amherst. Here it's in another town!
But when I got up to this morning, this is what I found taped above the light switch in the kitchen:

So, I went upstairs and woke the kids more then an hour early. Only 3 takers this year, Jim, Matt
and Gillian. (Funny how it usually takes threats of violence to get them out of bed in the mornings and yet today they were up and dressed and chores done in record time!!!)

So we get there and found a parking space and got in line and finally we got in. It took an hour from time we got in the door until we had food in front of us. Not so good. But, they got their breakfasts and they got to school on time so everyone was happy.

Next year though I think that if they want to go, one of the boys will need to drive them This mom is kinda done with this promo. I'd rather stay in and have something in bed on a tray while listening to some lovely music or something...but don't let me stop you from going if you want. Enjoy! The kids did!

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