Saturday, February 06, 2010

Finally done!!!!

So, I signed up to do a Valentine card swap with my favorite Yahoo! group. I, in a moment of temporary insanity, forgot that I was "craftily challenged and elected to go a little further and make a small banner. It didn't look that hard, and, perhaps to those with the ability to use a scissors, it really isn't. But I have been working almost non stop for the last 3 days!!!!

This is what I have learned from this experience:
1) If the swap is for cards, stick to cards.
2) Felt can be a real booger to cut.
3) Elmer's glue on felt will not hold felt on felt, but will make it nearly impossible to push a needle through the felt.
4) Never let your children borrow your "good scissors". They will never be the same ever after if you do.
5) As you age and your eye sight gets worse remember to buy needles with REALLY big eyes.

Here is how it turned out and below is the link to the tutorial:



WhineNRoses said...

Ha Terri!!!
I hear ya- NEVER give the kids the good scissors!!!!
I learned my lesson too!!!
Can't wait to get my mail this week!!!!!!

Joe Pollhein, Sr. said...

Nice job, baby! I know how hard you worked on these and they are beautiful!

Love you!


Kether said...

so cute! they'll love them!