Sunday, January 24, 2010

We had a lovely little snowfall last week. Not too much, but enough to cover the muddy patches on the lawn. We have temps in the 40s today so the little we had is pretty much gone. But not to fear! By the middle of next week winter is predicted to return. Don't know how the chickens are going to feel about that. They refuse to come out of their little coop if there's too much snow on the ground. That reminds me, I need to show you all a picture of my rooster one of these days. He's getting scary big!!!

The Paperwhites I forced are beginning to bloom. Aren't they lovely?? Wish I I kept out some hyacinth bulbs when I planted last fall, but I will remember next time!! Soon there will be forced bulbs in all the stores, so I'll pick some up them. Nothings scents a room like a hyacinth!! Just lovely.
I did start a few seeds downstairs in my little greenhouse. I am studying up on successful seed starting so I hope I have good luck this year. A good website if you are interested in starting your own plants this year is: I went out this morning and bought 2 more grow lights too. I may be rushing things a bit, but what the heck else is there to do on a cold and blustery January day, but dream of summery things?

More puzzles being done around here this winter.
I guess because the girly is old enough to like challenging puzzles and her dad is interested in hanging out with her as much as possible when he's home. We have finally realized how quickly these kids are growing up and it's pushing us to finding more ways to spend meaningful time with them. More trips to the Y or bowling alley. More board games. Joe is re-reading 7 Habits of Highly Successful Teens with the boys.

I did get the chance to get out to one of my new favorite stores...the VOA I found this cute tea a Donny Osmond AND a Partridge Family album! Woo Hoo! It did seem odd dancing around to Donny's prepubescent voice...I always think of him as "an older man". But what the hell. Like the song says, "I'm Your Puppet". LOL Anyway, it was a good haul. Nothing like spending less then $20 and come away feeling like a million! (I just love my record player! And I am having a blast finding record albums for 50cents or $1 that I would have killed to have back in the day!)

This is where I am right now. On the couch waiting for my Vikings to play. I have butterflies in my stomach this afternoon. It's been a long wait to have my boys in contention for the big game....and I have waited damn near 50 years to see them win it!! GO VIKES! GO Brett! Go Adrian!!!!

Joe's home this week. I do have a few little items on his "honey do" list. Hang some pictures, re grout the know. The usual. And then on Sunday I am going to drive him to the airport in Montreal and then I am going here: Oh! It's gonna be a great week!!!

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Brown English Muffin said...

Yes I do live in NY state, how in the world did you know that they changed adhesive vendors!!! LOL

Oh and by the way, I never ever would have thought about doing a green house in side my home until I saw this post, thanks for the idea.