Thursday, January 07, 2010

So much going on this year!

I woke up January first feeling very optimistic. I believe 2010 is going to be a very good year.
It probably helped that we were having a wonderful time in Baltimore visiting friend and
relatives and it probably didn't hurt that I kept a close eye on my champagne consumption the night before! LOL Whatever the reason I woke up feeling good about the coming year.

After a wonderful Christmas (I got Kitchen Aid mixer!! Woo Hoo!) We packed it up and moved this show down the coast to Baltimore. We stayed (as usual) with our good friends the Steptoes. If there is one thing those folks know how to do it is to make a body feel welcomed! First of all, forget any idea of dieting. Lisa and Ron fed us and treated us like royalty.

Joe's Mom and Dad, not to be out done stuffed us every time we went over there too! And then of
course there were the teas....Lisa, Sandy, Erin and I had a marvelous time at tea in Ellicott City and a few days later Lisa and I met up with my friend Brenda in Annapolis for more treats!

Honest to Pete it's a miracle I could still button my pants by the time we got out of there! LOL

It had been awhile since we toured D.C. And true to Pollhein luck and tradition it was FREEZING when we decided to walk from the Washington monument to the Lincoln Memorial and back
. Jim and I hit the American History museum at the Smithsonian ( I wanted to see Julia Child's kitchen having
just seen the movie Julie and Julia (loved it!)) while Joe and th
e rest of the kids visited the the air and space museum. We took the metro down, so there were no parking issues. It was great! There is something empowering about visiting the capital, don't you think? It's so grand, what with all the statues and memorial and gorgeous architecture....

Anyway, we headed home on the 2nd and Joe got right to work wallpapering the downstairs hall. It looks fabulous!!! Now I just have to remember where I put the light switch plates and we'll be
good to go! LOL

So, now I am busy setting my New Year's resolutions into motion and giving the house a good clean and catching up on all the chores I missed while we were pre-occupied with the holidays. I will tell you that the holidays are over, as far as I am concerned, winter can leave too. Come on spring!!!!!

What are you doing to get the new year off to a smashing start????


Michelle said...

it sounds like you've been busy to start off the new year! and yes, DC has been COLD lately!

Nancy said...

It sounds like you had a fun trip. It is just so cold everywhere right now. Even Florida is 35 degrees according to a friend who called us.

Wise said...

Starting the New Year in a new state with a new routine. Hoping to be more changed than my son by graduation...February 26, 2010