Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's been a busy week

My Joey is home again. He is trying to decide what path to take. After the Marines debacle (they discharged him for medical reasons after misdiagnosing him. After weeks of bugging them for his medical records we took him to a cardiologist in Rochester who was quite astounded. There was nothing wrong with him. Nothing) I think that be one of the reasons I am so optimistic about 2010. I have all my family together again. Even if it is only for a little while.

Today I was at my favorite local second hand shop and found this:

I have always wanted a laundry cart! I know. It's stupid, but it was only $6! How could I pass that up? I ask you!!

This lovely piece is a armoire that Joe found on Craig's List. You know, these old houses aren't big on closet space and, frankly, Joe is a closet hog. Yes it's true....though we don't like to talk about it ....anyway. I think it was a great find. Don't you?

Did I show you this? It's a table cloth. I think it screams French country. LOVE IT! Found it at Big Lot's last week for a steal!

I planted some paper white bulbs. I am forcing them in order to force a little spring! Yea, I know it's only January, but the holidays are over, so what's the point of snow now?

So, as you can see I've been busy with spring cleaning (I got all the cabinet tops cleaned and all the drawers. I deserve a medal for that alone!!!) And rearranging furniture. I even (finally) got that broken pane in the kitchen cabinet replaced! Joe is home until Sunday...I am sure I can think of one or two more things for him to do before he has to leave. Mwaaaaaaaa!

That's it. I am working on making covers for the sofa pillows out of old sweaters. (Do you read Country Living magazine? Check it out in this month's issue.) I also have a stack of seed catalogs to go through....I am so excited!!! Any day now the snow will be gone and I will be out in the garden happily playing in the dirt.
For those of you who are interested in forcing bulbs, here are some helpful hints:
+ Paperwhite Narcissus do not require chilling.
+Early-spring flowering bulbs are the easiest to force. Including: crocus, grape hyacinth, Siberia squill, dwarf iris, snowdrops and early daffodils and tulips.
+ Pot bulbs every two weeks for a succession of blooms.
+Keep watering even after bulbs have finished blooming. The foliage will yellow ad die back naturally. All bulbs except the paperwhites can be planted outside in spring for bloom the following year.
+Potted bulbs can also be chilled outside in cold frames or dug trenches filled with mulch
+Plant tulips with the flat side of the bulbs facing outward so that folliage will drape over the edge of the container.

Hope you have a wonderful week! Keep warm and find something to do that brings a little spring into your heart...even if it is freezing and snowing outside!


WhineNRoses said...

The armoire is amazing!! Love it!!!!!!!
Great treasures you have found!!

Michelle said...

I'm sorry to hear the Marines ended up discharging him! How frustrating especially since a cardiologist found nothing wrong with his heart!

what a great find on the armoire!