Tuesday, December 08, 2009

So what do you do with your brain while you are making 87 doz different types of cookies for Christmas?

What I do is listen to Books on Tape. I LOVE to have stories read to me. Who doesn't? And with books on tape you can read and work at the same time! I mean, how much concentration does it take really, to stir sugar til it melts or to dip pretzels into chocolate?

Of course when the kids are around I have to watch what I choose. Even good adult literature is sometimes in appropriate for younger ears. So I have made a habit of going to the children's section and checking out their books on tape. LOVE IT!

This week I got Anne of Green Gables. I started listening while Gillian was at school, so she came into the story a few CDs in. The day before yesterday, she asked if she could take them to her room and start over to hear the story from the beginning. Yesterday she asked if there were more Anne books. LOVE IT!

You may choose, of course, any books you like but here are some of my favorites:
Anne of Green Gables
Harry Potter
The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe
My Side Of The Mountain
To Kill A Mockingbird
Indian In The Cupboard

Share some great stories with your kids while they are doing something fun . Who knows? You might just find you have created a thirst for reading to go along with all those Christmas cookies!!!


WhineNRoses said...

I love your blog header!!!
It is so pretty!!
The stained glass cookies look awesome! They are super adorable too!!

shirley said...

Terri, What a nice surprise here at your blog. I have not been by in a while and so much to read. You have been busy. Love the family pictures at the table. Looks so warm and comfy. Excelletn job!