Friday, December 11, 2009

Fish boy!!!

Suddenly, a couple of weeks back, Matthew comes up to me and says, "Mama? I think I am going to join the swim team." So we got him the right gear and mid-season he joins the JV swim team. The kid has no "training". He just likes to swim. Do you know? Yesterday he got a 2nd and a 4th at a local swim meet? His dad and I went to watch him swim. Now, I know we are partial, but honestly! When he learns to start and turn around more efficiently, I think we are going to see some 1sts!!! He was pretty amazing! To reward his hard efforts we said he could choose what we had for supper. Do you know what "fish boy" picked??? Why, sushi of course!!!!!


Nancy said...

That is great. Maybe he will be on the olympics someday. I would have to say ugh to sushi though.

Gena said...

Terri,I cant swim! have no confidence in the water,so I salute your boy,how amazing! I imagine it must be a very liberating feeling to swim,you must be a proud mama!

Michelle said...

congrats on doing so well on the swim team!