Friday, November 06, 2009

Done, for another year! I have never cared much for doctors or tests or medicine, but I realize the importance of "preventive maintenance". So, bit the bullet and had all done...pap smear, physical, lab work and then, today, the mammogram.

I think, many times, as women we put ourselves last. We're so busy caring for others we don't take care of our own bodies!

But who is going to take care of our families if we get sick? It's time to put mama first. Make the appointments and keep them. As much as I hate doing all this, it's a heck of a lot better then dying needlessly of a treatable or preventable disease!

Before the holiday rush begins, take care of yourself!


Paula said...

Icky, yucky, good for you! I'm good until February, then it's time to do it all again. So important, but many of us put it off.
Good reminder!

(I took your advise and entered the Weather Channels fall photo contest. Thanks! Beautiful pictures on there for sure!)

Willow said...

Uggg...I am of the opinion that I don't have enough as it is...I certainly don't want the little bit I have squished flatter than a pancake as I fear they will never return to thier original shape. Lord knows I have a hard enough time finding bras that fir well as it is...can you imagine having to ask for a 35 between A and B flat? I doubt they make those.