Saturday, June 20, 2009

finding blogs

One of the things I am doing this week, because, well because there's not much else I can do right now, is finishing up the pile of books on my bedside table. The latest book is: The Rough Guide to Blogging by Jonathan Yang.

Near the beginning of the book is a chapter on how to find blogs, containing a list of blog search engines and portals. For your edification I shall list the links here:

If you can't find some blogs to interest you on one of these sites, you might as well give up.

Happy Saturday ya'll!


jonyangorg said...

Hi, thanks for checking out the book. A hyperlinked version of the "Top 250 blogs" section is online here too, for easier clicking! Hope you find some great blogs to subscribe to. Thanks again!


Postcards-Pumpkins said...

Thanks for making up that list. Very helpful. I was on my way to googling to find gardening sites, but your list is imminently more helpful! Vee at