Tuesday, June 16, 2009

curtain tie backs from salt and pepper shakers

So I have collected some Asian figure salt and pepper shakers with the idea in mind that I would make them into curtain tie backs. Today I finally got around to making them.
It was fairly simple. I collected the salt and pepper shakers, some fringe ($1 at the craft store), tassels, glue and gold elastic string.
The first thing I did was to glue fringe round the bottom of the figures and when that was dry, I glued a tassel on the bottom as well.

Next I poked a length of the elastic string down through one of the holes at the top of the figure's head. I tied a really big, secure knot on that end and then pulled it up through the figure and laced the other end of the elastic cord through a second hole in the top of the head. Threading the elastic down through the body I again tied a nice big knot in the end and pulled it back up through the salt shaker.

This is how it looks as a finished product. I like it! And I can't wait to see how they will look on the living room curtains at the Victorian!
You could alternately use a fine wire and bead it (or not) or use ribbon or cord (if you can secure it well enough). The elastic string worked well for me, though.
Think of all the fun you could have finding the figurines that appeal most to you! A little whimsey in the decorating makes all the difference. Don't you think?

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Nancy said...

Only you would think of doing this. I have to say they are pretty cute hanging there. It proves there is a use for everything you collect. Very cute.