Sunday, April 26, 2009

My family is so mean to me!

So, we only have one key to the mini van and since Joe has been traveling I have been carrying it around in my purse. My darlinghusband mentioned yesterday that he would prefer that I leave the key on the phone table in the kitchen.

I try very hard to do the little things that make him happy. So when I wentout VERY early this morning to get him onion bagels I made sure I held on to the key when I got out of the van; having every intention of setting on the table as soon as I walked through the door!

But no one rushed out of the door to help me with all the bags, so I had both hands full when I walked in. And, unexpectedly, Joe was up and in the kitchen. Well, we put away the groceries,enjoyed our coffee and rolls and after a leisurely reading of the Sunday paper, Gillian and I had to go to church for the last CCD class of the year.

Joe was going to drive us and went to get the key. It wasn't there. We searched for 2o minutes! No key. Finally, we had to borrow the Jeep from Joey and go, or Gilli and I were gonna be late.Going out the door, Joe asked the boys to keep looking for the key. The 5 minute ride to church felt like eternity. I felt like an idiot. I was holding back tears and put put my hand over my heart. There was a lump. At some point I had evidently put the key in my bra, so that I wouldn't lose it.

Joe thought this was hysterically funny. So funny that he shared the story with the boys when he got home.

So, all day it's been.."Mom? I can't find the remote. Would you check your bra?"

"Mom? We are out of milk. Check your bra and see if there's any more"

"Honey? I need a towel. Can you get one out of your bra?"

My family is full of smart alecs. I may never live this down. But I tell you one thing: Pay back is gonna be a son-of-a-gun! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr


Nancy said...

Oh noooooooo, not very nice of them at all. The good news is (tell them) you did not LOSE the key. It was totally safe. Next time maybe they will help you carry things in.

Kim said...

LOL LOL!!!! Oh my !!!!!!!!

Kether said...

Oh Terri H ad to laugh! This is so funny. I can't tell you how many times I've taken off my bra at night to find things fall out of it!

Salesdiva said...

BWAAAAAHAAAAAHAAAAHAAAA!!!!! I am dying over hear. I lost my sunglasses...can you check your bra for me.

Paula said...

Hooting over this post, Terri! Way too funny. If it's any consolation, my family would be just that mean to me as well!

womandriver said...

Cute story. I would have never thought to look in my bra! :)

shirley said...

Terri, Don't they know who they are messing with? Don't they know you have more power than they do? Ha, he who laughs last!

Mary said...


Well, at least the key was safe in your bra. Otherwise it would have been lost. LOL Sorry that they are goading you about it. They will forget in time...or maybe not!


Gena said...

Oh Terri! poor you! i too have been on the receiving end of something similar,dont they know we spend most of our lives trying to do everything? its no wonder we girls can be a little forgetful!LOL! yeah go for the payback!xx

Mrs. Staggs said...

There are so many big changes going on in your life right now, no wonder you forgot! LOL! It is a pretty funny story though, Terri.

My goodness, what a beautiful home you have. It looks like a dream come true to me. All those great big old rooms, beautiful woodwork and a fireplace too. Lucky you!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

that story is so funny. Bless you! :) Lynn